If you are planning an extension or renovation, then we highly recommend looking into the condition of your home to see if there are any hidden issues that could affect the building work. We will also work with you to get an understanding of your needs and long-term plans and work with you to make decisions that keep the project within your budget.

At BSM Building we encourage you to have an active role in your building project, so that we can work together to ensure open communication and a great working relationship. We also provide regular updates to make it easy for you to check on progress and to ensure that you and your family have peace of mind.

During our very first visit, BSM Building will carry out a detailed inspection of your home and discuss the options that are available to you and recommend the best courses of action.

If your project requires structural work, then we can recommend quality architects and draftsmen that you can engage directly, or if you prefer, we can do this for you and include it all in the one quote. We can also help you with approvals.

The two types of approvals are:

Building approvals

These are provided by a building certifier and are required for renovations and extensions that affect the structure of your home. If you are thinking of putting in a new addition, adding windows or doors, knocking down walls or putting up a carport etc, then you need a building approval. If the work involves plumbing or electrical work then approvals might also be required for these as well.

Planning approval

These are provided by Brisbane City Council and are used to ensure that any renovations carried out on your property fit in with the existing streetscape and do not have a negative impact on your neighbourhood. As a homeowner, you are required to obtain these approvals, however if you prefer, BSM Building can take care of all approvals for you.

BSM Building’s renovation services include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Deck – house
  • Deck – swimming pool
  • Pergolas
  • Roofs
  • Carports
  • Plus any building or carpentry work involved in a renovation


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