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Carina bedroom

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Building plans

For sizeable renovations and extensions or when building a new home, it is helpful to have a set of plans drawn up prior to getting quotes from Builders.  This way you know you are comparing apples with apples when evaluating quotes, and are sure you have all the […]

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The golden rules of renovating

An interesting article published in the West Australian on the Golden rules of renovating – 15 expert tips you should read before revamping your home –

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Residential construction work insurance

Residential construction work over the value of $3,300 will need to be insured through the BSA (Building Service Authority) as Home Warranty Insurance.  Once a contract is signed, your Builder or Contractor should organise this insurance coverage immediately.

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Deposits for building works

A deposit paid for building works, by law, cannot exceed 5% if the contract price is $20,000 or more, or 10% if the contract price is less than $20,000.

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Considering star ratings

When building a new home or planning a major renovation, consider the star rating of your home, as the higher the star rating the more savings you will make on your electricity and gas bills.  And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars.  Just choosing the […]

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